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The AIWCD is an active member of FAWCO, an international network of over 75 independent clubs totaling over 15,000 members and representing 38 countries worldwide.

Founded in 1931 as a non-partisan, not-for-profit coalition, FAWCO serves as a valuable resource and channel of information for the AIWCD.  They not only promote the rights of U.S. citizens overseas, but through the FAWCO Foundation they provide our members, and their children, with numerous opportunities for educational scholarships, offer our focus charities with opportunities for monetary grants and give our members the opportunity to influence and participate in worldwide fundraising and awareness campaigns.  Through their website and newsletters, which can be subscribed to via the FAWCO website at no cost to our members, they help keep affiliate clubs and their members updated on important issues such as overseas voting for U.S. citizens, social security and citizenship issues.  Finally, their regional and interim conferences allow the AIWCD the chance to network with fellow FAWCO affiliated clubs and gain valuable insight and support from these sister organizations. 

As a non-governmental organization (NGO) accredited by the United Nations, FAWCO has special consultative status to the UN Economic and Social Council and is a member of the Conference of NGOs. 

For more information, please see their website www.fawco.org.  For more information on the scholarships and grants, please go to the FAWCO Foundation website www.fawcofoundation.org. 

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