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The American International Women’s Club of Dusseldorf (AIWCD) is a registered non-profit, non-political and non-denominational English-speaking organization serving the international community in Dusseldorf and the surrounding areas.

The AIWCD has been supporting English-speaking women in Düsseldorf since 1959. Just like the United States, we are a melting pot! We began over 60 years ago with 20 members and have grown to over 225 members from over 20 countries. We are all connected by the English language.


We strive to advance international understanding. Our events, activities and communications will support this in the following ways:

    • Supporting American and international residents and their families, as they adjust to life in Germany. 
    • Advancing cultural understanding between Germans, Americans and other internationals.
    • Informing members about issues of interest to Americans and other nationalities.

Secondly, we will support those in need, especially women and children. We will achieve this by donating funds and other  items to our supported charities

A Message from Our Board

Our club enjoys a very diverse membership that is bound together by the English language. There are many members who are here for a few short years and are grateful for an English-speaking group for both the support it brings and for the fun and friendship it provides. We also have a large group of women who have been living in Düsseldorf for a long time who enjoy the connection with things familiar, as well as members who do not speak English as a mother tongue but wish to be around people who do. 

The club supports numerous charity organizations with our main focus on women and children. Each year we work to support various local charities not only with monetary collections, but also, for example, by preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for a local women’s shelter, collecting items (sometimes new, sometime gently used) for donation or volunteering our time. Each member can give as little or as much as they feel comfortable with.

We are also proud of our connection with FAWCO. FAWCO, our umbrella organization, not only focuses on global issues such as education, environment, health and human rights, but they represent Americans living overseas through their representation within the UN, as well as their active work in many areas including US voting, tax , banking and citizenship.

Whether you are new to the Düsseldorf-Ruhr region or a long time resident looking for something unique, the AIWCD offers an environment for internationally-minded individuals looking to make a difference. WE HOPE YOU WILL JOIN US!

A Peek Into The Past

Our Club began in 1959 and has a rich and varied history.


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