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All activities that require payment, whether through the AIWCD coffers or to an outside provider, must have a firm and reasonable cancellation deadline in order to qualify for a refund. This date shall be determined by the organizer and will be clearly stated on the event/activity description.

Up to the cancellation date, members can cancel themselves through the website and receive a refund, if applicable.

All refunds through the AIWCD are subject to a cancellation fee of 25% to cover associated club expenses. This fee will be clearly stated on the event/activity description. This would then serve as a fair penalty for money owed to AIWCD or to the individual organizer.

After the cancellation deadline, members are liable for the cost of the activity unless someone takes his or her place, either through someone filling in from the waitlist, or if there is no waitlist, the registered person finding a club member to step into the open seat. Cancellations after the deadline must be done through the Activity Chair person, who can inform the cancelling member of the waitlist status for the particular activity or event. The AIWCD is not responsible to find a replacement for members who cancel.

If payment is made through the AIWCD and a cancelling member’s spot is filled by another member, then a refund will be given to the cancelling member and the person taking his/her place must pay the AIWCD. If payment is made outside the club, then members will make their own arrangements regarding payment among themselves and the event/activity organizer.

Activity organizers and instructors who accept payment outside the AIWCD’s finances are responsible for collecting and obtaining payments from participants. The AIWCD is not financially responsible in the situation that these funds are non-collectable. Organizers should attempt to collect these funds directly from the person who has not paid before involving the AIWCD Board.

In the case of non-payment and attempts to collect outstanding payments, organizers should send a list of those who do not pay to the Activities Chair, so the AIWCD Board can address the issue directly, and keep track of repeat offenders. In the event that this becomes a continuing problem with a specific member, membership in the AIWCD can be suspended and registering for future events and activities denied until payment is made.

In the event that a member registers for simultaneous or conflicting events or activities (occurring on the same day and at the same time), the member’s registration for the second event/activity registered for will be automatically cancelled.

Approved and adopted by the AIWCD Board on October 19, 2020. If you have questions about the AIWCD Cancellation and Refund Policy, please contact the Activities Chair.

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