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CLUB Leadership Position Descriptions

What the Board Does

The AIWCD board consists of two parts.  The Executive Board is comprised of the President, the Vice President, and the Treasurer.  The Executive Board is the legal board and is registered with the government.  Each member of the Executive Board is elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  

The Executive Board forms the Governing Board by appointing the remaining board members and alternates.   The Governing Board is responsible for the policy, budget and membership decisions that help the club stay on track, on budget and run smoothly.

There are also many additional leadership  positions that do not require being a Board Member. These positions allow the club expand offerings and activities beyond what the Board is responsible for and don't require the commitment of attending extra meetings. 

Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of three positions: the President, Vice President and the Treasurer. These three positions are elected by the entire membership at the AGM for a term of one year. The Executive Board makes up the legal board (Vorstand) and is registered with the German government according to German civil code. The Executive Board is responsible for building the Governing Board as outlined below, for making the final decision in the event of membership termination and for approving any reduced fee memberships. All other business is managed by the full Governing Board.

Members of the Executive Board register with the Notary at the beginning of their term. All members attend Board meetings, vote on issues before the Board and are granted bank authorization.


presides over and organizes agenda for board meetings, ensuring  decisions are made in a collegial manner and as outlined in club statutes

works with Governing Board to facilitate their duties

works closely with and provides leadership and support for all club positions

sets strategic and goals for club year,  sets priorities and reviews proposals for new projects

writes the “President’s Message” and the "Board Corner" in each Radschläger magazine as well as other pertinent articles

ensures that the club is fulfilling all legal and financial obligations

represents and promotes club at non-member events

receives a subsidy to attend the yearly regional and global conferences and in coordination with the FAWCO Rep, reports back to our club on the issues and topics that were discussed


may preside in the absence of the President

assists the President as needed

role of Vice President may be combined with another board role 


follows the processes outlined in the club treasury manual 

works with President and the board to create and maintain annual budgets and provides periodic budget v. actual reports

pays club bills, reimburses members and makes charity distributions, issues tax and payment receipts.

settles payments from membership, events, and activities in the Wild Apricot system

coordinates with tax advisor for annual tax reporting

records the club finances using Quickbooks and Wild Apricot 

works closely with advertising to ensure timely renewal/invoicing of advertisements and settles payments and donations in  Quickbooks


attends,  maintains order and  takes minutes at all General Board Meetings (GBMs). Votes on issues before the board as a permanent board member  

ensures that the board meetings are posted on the club calendar 

acts as Parliamentarian in sending out notices for meetings, determining quorum at  all Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs),  runs votes and elections and communicates results. 

updates the shared board drive via Google Workspace to include all meeting agendas, minutes and action items.

ensures that the minutes for any AGMs or EGMs are in accordance with German legal requirements and are translated and signed by both the Club President and Secretary


attends board meetings and votes on issues before the board as a permanent board member

coordinates and maintains membership database

get to know new members and help match their interests and skills with club activities, events and leadership opportunities

manages club information mailbox and answers potential member requests for information about membership and our organization

sends out information packets to new members and encourages them to participate to make the most of their experience

coordinates nominations for Member Service Awards

Governing Board

The Governing Board is composed of the Executive Board, the Secretary, the Membership Chair and at least 2 other officers selected from the list below. The remaining members of the Governing Board are appointed by the newly elected Executive Board for a term of one year. Members attend Board Meetings and vote on issues before the Board. 

The Governing Board is responsible for managing the club, making decisions on policy, maintaining sufficient funds for club operations, approving membership applications brought forward by the membership chair and administering the  budget. All board decisions are binding. 

The Executive Board may also appoint up to four Alternate Board Members. In the event of absences of Board Members, the Alternate Board Members may vote on issues before the board. This keeps meetings on track by being able to meet quorum and conduct business if some Board Members are absent.


assists Membership Chair with database management

works with Events Chair to organize Newcomers' Coffees  (Sept and Jan)

fills in for Membership as needed

maintains current contact information for our Big Sister Program

recruits new Big Sisters for underserved areas

matches new members with Big Sisters

approve requests for private Facebook Group (limited to members only) and works with Communications Chair as moderator 


manages club wide communications, including  monthly newsletters and  A.C.E. (all club email)  announcements, Facebook announcements, President's message, etc.

works with Webmaster as needed to facilitate communications

acts as liaison between the Radschläger and the Board as needed

works closely with all Board Members and School Liaisons to enhance club communication

works with Membership to moderate Facebook page and private group


oversees the planning and execution of all regularly-scheduled club activities

works closely with all activity leaders to make sure website information is current & accurate

works with Data Entry to ensure that all activities are correctly entered into the club calendar and are communicated to members

works with members who have ideas for new activities and helps set up these activities

works Membership Chair & Events Chair to host the Autumn & Winter Welcome Coffee & Activities Fairs


oversees the planning and execution of all one-time and annual club events, such  as Tanz in den Mai, Summer BBQ, Oktoberfest Party, Thanksgiving Potluck and other special occasions such as Member Appreciations or special anniversaries

works with Membership and Activities Chairs to organize Newcomers' Coffees  (Sept and Jan)

works with Charity Liaison to plan and coordinate Casino Night Charity Gala

works with Membership Chair who have ideas for new events and helps set up these events

works with Data Entry to ensure that all events are correctly entered into the club calendar and are communicated to members


increases and promotes awareness of charities supported by the club 

maintains relationships with club-supported charities and cultural organizations

proposes changes in the roster of club-supported charities

work with Events Chair to plan and coordinate Casino Night Charity Gala

Plan and execute charity events such as annual collection drives and fundraisers for club-supported charities


keep abreast of new developments and enhance website as agreed with Board and/or website team

update website with new information as needed ( Radschläger, documents, activities,  partner info, etc.) 

work with GDPR officer to ensure website compliance


acts as the club’s official representative to FAWCO 

shares information from FAWCO (including information for US citizens living overseas concerning banking, taxes, and USA voting,  FAWCO educational scholarships and the charity Target Project) with members via The Radschläger and social media

corresponds with other FAWCO clubs and benchmarks how they run their clubs and solve issues that may arise

receives a subsidy to attend the yearly regional and global conferences and in coordination with the President, reports back to our club on the issues and topics that were discussed


Composed of the Editor-in-Chief, Acquisitions Editor and Graphic Designer

compiles, designs and publishes The Radschläger magazine on a quarterly basis, working with Board Members to include important club business as well as other topics that are of interest to members

works with Advertising Chair to ensure advertisers are not overlapping and contract terms are met

coordinates and executes both print and digital distribution


seek out new advertisers and try not to overlap areas of current advertisers

maintain relationship with existing advertisers and assist with billing and payment matters

work with board and Radschläger team to set prices and policies

work with Radschläger and Website teams to make sure terms of contract are met (placement on page, size, etc.) 


works with a committee and the President to recruit members to fill club position vacancies

prepares slate of candidates for elections  at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

 arranges bio information  for new  Board Members for publication in the Radschläger


facilitates club communication with Long-Standing Members (LSMs) 

organizes events appealing to LSMs (e.g. Christmas Luncheon, Long Standing Member coffee) and assists with arranging transportation as needed

Other Leadership Positions

In addition to the Board Members, there are many other leadership positions that support the Board and help it run smoothly. These positions allow members to serve the club in an important role, but do not require attendance at board meetings.  


receive requests for events and activities to be entered in database and ensure that all necessary information is received

post events and activities on club website and schedule  announcements and email reminders

work with Activities and Events chairs to update events, announcements and emails as needed

role may be filled by Activities or Events Chair 


role may be filled by Webmaster

develop Google Workspace strategy, define division of roles between Google Workspace and website

maintain Google Workspace, back up regularly, set up new addresses and email forwards

assist board members as needed including training and transfer at end of term


keep abreast of GDPR regulations and changes from FAWCO and other sources 

work with Governing Board and Webmaster to ensure club compliance in regards to GDPR

review  and update Privacy Policy as needed


responsible for arranging kid-friendly activities for our younger children with the main focus of Easter Egg Hunt and  Pumpkin Patch

organize other activities according to interest

generally focused on but not limited to children under 10


coordinate fun travel events for club members

 travel events may include local day trips or longer weekend trips

ensure all events are arranged in a way that the club is not liable for payments or other issues.

work with Data Entry to have all events listed and announced on club Website


act as liaison between club and the receiving organization to coordinate requirements for pillows and drain bags

coordinate materials and donations needed for pillows and drain bags

arranges meetings for making items as well as storage of completed items

arrange delivery with receiving organization 


attend events and take photos as able

upload and organize photos in Google Workspace

assist Radschlägerand Web team with photos as requested


send greetings and condolences to members on behalf of the club for significant life events

update the Radschläger team on member news that may be included in the Radschläger


acts as liaison between schools, the school community and our club for event announcements, connections and special projects

current schools include:
•   International School on Rhine (ISR)
•   International School of Düsseldorf (ISD)
•   St. George's British International School


acts as liaison between the International English Library and Board to arrange space for events and meetings as required

works with Charity Liaison to arrange donations and book drives for the library 

notifies club members about upcoming events at the library

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