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Who we are…. And why you should join

Human connection is one of the world’s strongest needs and the AIWCD provides a way for members to connect with other people far from home, or looking to connect with American culture. We are a social and charitable club offering an enormous variety of activities, outings, information and opportunities to connect and make a difference in the Düsseldorf community. Our membership is open to all nationalities and genders, you just need to be willing to speak a little bit of English. We invite you to come by for a coffee, evening drinks, or luncheon and meet the women (and men) who make up the AIWCD, perhaps you too will find a little bit of home.

Benefits of Membership

  • Our membership App (Wild Apricot) is extremely user-friendly. Through the app members can access the membership directory to find a friend, view the calendar of events and register.
  • The AIWCD Private Facebook Group includes posts and information available to members only.
  • Our wide range of events, activities, workshops and classes give opportunities to meet-up in person or virtually, in an English language speaking environment.
  • Our monthly events newsletter highlights our monthly luncheons, coffee mornings, and over 24 activities (e.g., art tours, book clubs, guest speakers, boating, club-wide tours, walking group), as well as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter themed events. Members can also take or teach different classes (e.g., cooking, photography, etc.).
  • During COVID-19, a virtual lecture series was developed to support members, giving them a choice to stay connected with each other using Zoom. Members played games, listened to lectures, met authors, learned new things in personal development and goal -setting workshops, attended cooking classes, and also laughed and shared casual conversations.
  • Volunteer and fundraising opportunities to benefit women and children in the Düsseldorf region give club members the ability to maintain their professional skills and to learn new ones. It is a rewarding experience to know you have been able to make a difference and help with our identified charity organizations.
  • A product of the combined efforts of our members, the club magazine, The Radschläger is published quarterly. It is delivered to your door and is also available digitally. The magazine is hosted on Issuu which gives an authentic reading experience with the look and feel of a magazine. It includes members’ insights on interests and information about the AIWCD and the surrounding area.
  • In addition, all members gain automatic membership in the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO). FAWCO is a UNESCO recognized NGO and advocates for Americans living abroad. This international organization unites expat women worldwide to address issues women face globally. Plus, the FAWCO
  • Foundation offers educational scholarships for members and their families. Members are eligible for these after 18 months of being a member.
  • Our membership dues are very low at €65 per year, which is less than €6 per month. Membership dues may also be tax deductible.
  • New members get exceptional support and are offered a Big Sister to help them navigate the club


Another USP of AIWCD is its diversity. Members need not be American, but they do need to speak English. Currently we have members from over 25 different countries, making the AIWCD a vibrant and inclusive organization.

Since 1959, the AIWCD has welcomed American and international women living in the lower Rhein and Ruhrgebiet regions. Our goal is to not only provide an

English-speaking social environment for our members, but also give them the opportunity to volunteer their time and energy to work with our club and give back to the local community.

We support our members by providing them with opportunities to participate in various events and activities. We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere, not only for members new to the area, but also for those who have lived here for a longer time. While we are a social club, we also take pride in our charitable endeavors. We do this primarily by supporting local charities through fundraising and various clothing/article drives organized throughout the year.

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