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AIWCD 2019 Charitable Efforts

For expats living in Europe, opportunities for meaningful philanthropic activities can be hard to find.  A myriad of cultural, social, economic and political differences render obsolete much of the charitable work that many of us find so rewarding, and necessary, in our home countries.  

We are good at raising money and awareness for causes that speak to our hearts.  We know how to collect clothes and books and toys and food for those in need.  We want to help.  We just don’t know where to go or what to do.  That’s where the AIWCD comes in.

The AIWCD has identified specific organizations whose needs and missions correspond with the goals of our membership. 

We are committed to many worthy organizations and support them by conducting food drives, clothing drives, book sales and toy drives.  For more information about these charities, please click here.

Although the AIWCD has a long history of outreach with many of our charities, new charity recommendations often come directly from our members. It is our membership body who decides each year who will be the sole recipient of our fundraising efforts.

For more information about the AIWCD's charity work or to get involved, email our Charity Liaison  at community@awcduesseldorf.org.

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